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Exactly what have archaeologists learned about Otzi’s life?

Exactly what have archaeologists learned about Otzi’s life?

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Otzi the new Iceman, also called Similaun Guy, Hauslabjoch Kid otherwise Frozen Fritz, is actually discover within the 1991, deteriorating of an excellent glacier throughout the Italian Alps close to the border between Italy and you may Austria. The human being stays is actually out-of a late Neolithic or Chalcolithic boy who passed away in 3350-3300 BC. Just like the the guy wound-up in the a great crevasse, their system is well managed by glacier in which he is receive, in place of crushed by glacier’s actions during the last 5,one hundred thousand years. The new better quantity of conservation enjoys greeting archaeologists the initial detailed look into attire, choices, product explore and you will diet plan of one’s several months.

Who Are Otzi the fresh new Iceman?

The newest Iceman endured in the 158 cm (5’2″) extreme and you may weighed throughout the 61 kilogram (134 lbs).