Obesity Class 2 treatment

Obesity Grade 2

BMI ranging from 35 to 39.99 (Obesity Grade 2).obesity-class-2

If you are the owner of a high BMI (35-39.99), you are at a great risk of health problems and even fatal outcome. You are strictly advised to consult a doctor and take measures to decrease your BMI.

  • Please read our materials on methods of treating obesity, to find out what steps you can take.

It should be borne in mind that calculations use the total weight indicators and don’t estimate the percentage of body fat and muscle bulk in the body. Therefore, BMI cannot show the distinction between excess weight  and great muscle bulk.

Obese Class 2 treatment

Obese Class 2 treatment includes a combination of multiple factors such as proper nutrition, general health, and motivation of the person.

If you have lost 10 per cent of overall body mass, keep the weight for half a year, and if required, you can further continue the process of losing weight.

If you are suffering from obesity stage 2, the loss of only 5-10 per cent of your mass will lower the risk of heart ailments (for instance, coronary heart disease) and other ailments. The most optimal option to lose weight implies that you don’t need to hurry. Very rapid mass loss can lead to muscle loss instead of fat. This may also lead to other troubles, for instance, formation of gallstones, and deficiency of nutrients (proteins, minerals, vitamins etc.) in the body. Two pounds per week will be enough and you’ll be able to maintain the weight obtained at the same level. It will also give you enough time to form proper lifestyle habits.

If you attempt to lose weight or maintain it, you have to modify your nutrition habits. Eat different foods rich in complex carbohydrates, such as pasta, rice (in particular, brown), wholemeal bread etc. Reduce the intake of fats, especially animal ones. Also it is recommended to eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Regular physical training will help you to achieve your goal. Try to devote time to training at least half an hour a day during most or even all days of the week. However, you don’t have to do all physical activity at one time. For instance, you can divide 30 minutes into short 10 minute sessions. Male and female persons who wish to lose large amount of weight (5 percent or more) should devote around 300 min a week for intensive activity. If you suffer from heart or other disease, talk to your healthcare professional about what kind of exercise you are allowed to do.

Using Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator and Body Fat Calculator alongside your BMI Calculator will help you to obtain a more accurate value indicating the percentage of body fat.